An estimated 80,000,000 American adults (one in three) have one or more types of cardiovascular disease (CVD), of whom 38,100,000 are estimated to be age 60 or older.
73,600,000 - High blood pressure (HBP)
16,800,000 - Coronary heart disease (CHD)
5,700,000 - Heart failure (HF)
6,500,000 - Stroke
650,000-1,300,000 - Congenital cardiovascular defects
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At C3 we place ourselves at the forefront of technology and innovation, taking on the changing demands of the medical industry. Bridging project management, design and development, we strive to create medical devices that fulfill the needs of millions of people, ultimately raising the quality of life.

Historically, the role of a medical device was to simply save lives. Today there is so much more. With advances in technology, modern medical devices have the ability to dramatically change lives of patients. Patients that once were are no longer confined to hospital beds. They are free to go home, to work or wherever they choose.