C3: We make ideas happen

Coming up with ideas is easy.
Coming up with useful ideas is harder.
But harder still is bringing useful ideas to life.

At C3 Medical Device Consulting we do exactly that, by bridging engineering knowledge, project management skill, and design and development expertise. In other words, we help innovators like you create next-generation medical devices and get them to market.

We can take you every step of the way, from testing and building on an initial idea through product design, regulatory compliance, manufacture, launch and post-launch review.

Today’s modern medical devices can change the lives of millions—but only if they survive the journey from idea to reality.

We’re C3, and we can help you make that journey. Let’s talk about your project.

Free resources – get started on your project

What Goes Into a Development Plan?

Familiarize yourself with key terms and concepts you’ll need to know when bringing a device to market.

An Introduction to the Product Realization Process

Learn more about how we’ll approach the process when we help you create your medical device.

The Getting Started Guide to Product Development Terminology

Download this free guide if you’re just getting started with product development.

Design Input Requirements and User Needs: A Quick-Start Guide

Clear up the confusion between design input requirements and needs.