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Benefits of Mobile Apps

We provide the Android and iOS experience you deserve to create a one-of-a-kind app. We’ll develop applications for you that are functional and ready for market. Our mobile app development includes:


“Working with C3 was one of the best decisions our company made. They integrated seamlessly with our internal team and were flexible enough to meet the ever changing needs of a startup. I hope to work with them again in the future.”

Levi DeLuke


“C3 went above and beyond, and set the bar for me in terms of how I define an invested 3rd party. C3 felt more like an internal team who was there to see the product be successful above all else. If they want to work with you, it’s because they care about your product and are excited to see it succeed. ”

Jim Christian


Project Examples

Patient Compliance

Medical device apps aren’t just created so patients can easily control them. Clinicians like apps, too, because an integrated app helps them determine if the patient is using the device properly. Patient compliance is a critical factor in the safety and effectiveness of a treatment. Apps that monitor use frequency, treatment times, and even battery life is valuable information for a doctor. Even simple devices can increase their value with broader patient engagement. Mobile applications can put real-time data in the hands of clinicians for a direct impact on patient care.

Clinical Evaluation

With medical device development, often before the patient release, extensive clinical testing and evaluation is required. At C3, we’ve developed apps (at a lower cost) specifically designed for product clinical studies. This may involve a complex highly functional app for clinicians to view and log critical patient data to simplistic patient based apps that limit function and external parameters for a highly controlled clinical study. Sometimes the best app is not the prettiest, but the one you need to get the job done now.

End-User Specific

We’ve all wished we had more control, and at the same time, wished others had less control. This is also true for connected devices. C3 has invested plenty of time in defining the right app for the right user. Clinicians need control to prescribe and monitor patients. Patients must be limited in control to prevent a negative impact in their care. Which is the best solution? We can create tiered apps that provide the right control and functionality to the right user. Gone are the days of plugging into a device to offload data. Clinicians can now diagnose and debug simply by being in proximity to the patient.

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