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Benefits of Embedded Software

Imagine the convenience of having all the programs you need in one place. We’ll design the software you need and deliver all the code and documentation to run the software on your own. Our embedded software creation includes:


“Working with C3 was one of the best decisions our company made. They integrated seamlessly with our internal team and were flexible enough to meet the ever changing needs of a startup. I hope to work with them again in the future.”

Levi DeLuke


“C3 went above and beyond, and set the bar for me in terms of how I define an invested 3rd party. C3 felt more like an internal team who was there to see the product be successful above all else. If they want to work with you, it’s because they care about your product and are excited to see it succeed. ”

Jim Christian


Project Examples


Medical devices usually leave the hands of clinicians after a single visit, meaning patients with limited training have complete control of the device and care. C3 designs embedded firmware with that in mind. Simple and robust, we ensure products are designed to help users regulate and monitor their own care in a way that breeds confidence. A straightforward interface with advanced behind-the-scenes control ensures treatments and therapies are delivered safely and accurately.

Safe and Secure

Advances in medicine have led us into the realm of self-managed care. Digital health platforms now require enhanced safety mechanisms so patients not only receive the treatments they expect but also use safe devices. C3 ensures that patients are kept safe through various secure levels of development, from cybersecurity to HIPAA compliance, all the way to clinician control prescriptions and monitoring. Patients, caretakers and family can feel secure knowing the process behind product technology has them in mind.

Long Life

In the medical device industry, technology changes faster than we can keep up with FDA requirement demand validated and unchanging products. How can we then adapt to change and maintain consistent products. At C3, we first take all products through a full verification process that’s repeatable and adheres to the product requirements. We also have adapted to change through field based firmware updates. This can be through USB, Bluetooth, or even Cloud updates to products in the field. We can even take an existing product with older technology and add new features, such as wireless connectivity, to maximum product use.

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