Wellinks Case Study

Portable Nebulizer for Asthma and COPD


More than 600 million people are affected by asthma and COPD. The nebulizers created by Wellinks help relieve symptoms for those with these conditions.

When Wellinks switched manufacturers, they lost access to important information, which required our team to start the project from scratch. In a very short time frame, we met all customer goals, effectively reproduced the functionality of the previous design while adding innovative new features and wireless technology.

We helped Wellinks reimagine their existing design to produce a portable nebulizer with added features for those who use it.


With no information from the existing manufacturer about the nebulizer, we started this project from scratch on an aggressive deadline.

For user ease, we improved the quality and enhanced the features of the previous design but ensured its appearance and functionality remained the same.

Now, the Wellinks nebulizer boasts wireless capabilities, an electrical hardware redesign, and a firmware redesign. We also developed the back end of the mobile app to integrate with their third-party mobile app team.

While a complete redesign and effective reverse engineering were required, we maintained the original stringent schedule and stayed within the pre-existing FDA certification while making the product even better than before.

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