Project Engineering

Working with you to successfully bring your product to market. 

With 25 years of experience, our team has helped everyone — from small startups to large corporations — get their products to market. 

Benefits of Project Engineering

Our approach to project engineering goes beyond Gantt charts and budget projections. We start by boldly negotiating regulations and other hurdles necessary for your project. Then, we rely on our skilled hardware engineers, software engineers, manufacturers, and other key players to successfully bring your product to market. 


“Working with C3 was one of the best decisions our company made. They integrated seamlessly with our internal team and were flexible enough to meet the ever changing needs of a startup. I hope to work with them again in the future.”

Levi DeLuke


“C3 went above and beyond, and set the bar for me in terms of how I define an invested 3rd party. C3 felt more like an internal team who was there to see the product be successful above all else. If they want to work with you, it’s because they care about your product and are excited to see it succeed. ”

Jim Christian


Project Examples

Virtual Startup:

Wearable Technology

The days of a startup company in a hip office building are quickly fading. Startups now see the best talent wherever they’re based. C3 supported development on a wearable medical device with a startup team that reached from coast to coast. We integrated all company team members, bringing the product through clinical trials while maintaining timeline and budget. 

Mid-size Company:

Life Sciences Workstation

Mid-size companies typically have limited staff to take on larger development efforts. C3 served as the missing engineering team and drove the life sciences workstation project to completion working directly with the company’s internal engineering resources. We collaborated seamlessly, engaging in everything from project planning and budgeting, all the way to the end product manufacturing test.

Mega Corporation:

Implantable Device

Big companies seem to have it all, including a full staff and huge budget. It just so happens that most larger organizations are also less nimble when it comes to new product development since their internal staff has assigned tasks and deadlines that make it difficult to move aggressively and think outside-of-the-box. Because of that, we often receive urgent calls to make design additions and updates that need to be completed “yesterday” — and with our agile team, we’re able to deliver.  

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We’ve helped everyone from small startups to large corporations take their medical devices from idea to finished product.

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