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C3 Medical Device Consulting provides unparalleled support and expertise to help you turn your medical device dreams into reality.

You deserve a partner that provides the plan, knowledge, skill, and people you need so you can feel confident in your product’s success.

Craig Carder

C3 Medical Device

Consulting Founder

Our Promise To You

Exceptional partnership and expertise:

With over 25 years of experience, C3 ensures you receive excellent guidance and support throughout the development process.

Simplified development process:

C3 empowers startups and entrepreneurs by streamlining the medical device development journey, making it less overwhelming and more manageable.

Comprehensive support:

From concept to market, C3 guides clients through the challenges of medical device development, instilling confidence and ensuring the success of your product.

A Service For Each Phase of Your Medical Device Journey

Project Engineering

Electronics Design

Mobile Applications

Cloud and IoT

Embedded Software

Mentorship Program

Empowering Innovators for Success

We believe that every device is unique, and each journey deserves personalized support. At C3 Medical Device Consulting, our passion is helping innovators with both existing device designs and newcomers by offering tailored solutions for various stages of the medical device development process. Whether you require a device ready for FDA approval or a quick proof of concept, we can tailor to your schedule and budget.

Ready to bring your device to market?

Our proven track record helps overcome challenges and achieve success in transforming concepts into finished products. We’re dedicated to supporting your journey.

Unsure Where to Begin?

If you’re new or unsure where to start, our complimentary Mentorship Program offers valuable insights and direction. We’re passionate about guiding you through the complexities of the medical device development process, empowering you every step of the way.


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