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Benefits of Cloud and IoT

The cloud enables you to increase mobility, reduce costs, and improve feature sets. We’ll produce the most efficient solutions to supplement your processes. Our Cloud to IoT creation includes:


“Working with C3 was one of the best decisions our company made. They integrated seamlessly with our internal team and were flexible enough to meet the ever changing needs of a startup. I hope to work with them again in the future.”

Levi DeLuke


“C3 went above and beyond, and set the bar for me in terms of how I define an invested 3rd party. C3 felt more like an internal team who was there to see the product be successful above all else. If they want to work with you, it’s because they care about your product and are excited to see it succeed. ”

Jim Christian


Project Examples

Elder Care Monitoring

These days, medical devices are becoming connected devices, and with that, the data received can have more value than the function of the device itself. This is often the case with elder care. C3 created a device to prevent falls at home or in a care facility. With cloud connectivity, caretakers can now be alerted to incidents immediately. They’re also made aware of patients’ daily routines, which better aid in development. The knowledge of how the patient uses the device, such as forgetting to put it on or charge the battery, allows caretakers to better understand the needs of their patients. With the elder care monitoring device, those patients once thought to be not at risk are now re-categorized and protected based on the information acquired.

Compliance an Use Characteristic Tracking

One of our clients shared with us that a patient told them, “This treatment isn’t helping me.” The patient interview didn’t yield any results, so it wasn’t until the compliance and use characteristic tracking device was connected to the cloud that the clinician learned about patient compliance, or lack of compliance. Immediately, this device helped doctors check in on patients who missed treatments and encourage them to continue therapy. This interaction and engagement not only yielded better results, but better relationships with patients, too.

Animal Health

Despite impressive advancements in milking equipment, slaughter processing and even bovine genetics, cattle health, nutrition, and well-being management haven’t changed much when compared to decades ago. Most rely heavily on infrequent, subjective animal observation. C3 worked with an advanced animal health startup to modernize dairy and beef production through continuous, autonomous, and individual animal monitoring. This involved integrating sensors, local networks, and cloud computing to create a better, more productive approach to animal health, nutrition, and well-being management.

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