3 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Medical Device Partner‏

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Successfully developing a medical device requires a lot of resources and technology, not to mention substantial experience. Challenges are bound to arise in any medical device development project; however, if you’re working alongside a team of experts that has the right know-how, then things will run smoothly no matter what’s going on. 

If you find yourself dealing with too many roadblocks, despite working with a medical device partner, it may be time to find someone better suited for your project. Here are three reasons you may want to make the switch: 

‏1. Quality Concerns‏

‏Your medical device partner must be able to deliver consistent quality. If you start facing a lot of quality issues, it can be a sign that you need to reassess your partnership. Just like anyone else in the medical field, you must have high standards for your manufactured products. Lapses in quality can spell a lot of disaster for you, and you could end up running huge losses. These quality issues can have to do with the product itself, or even the packaging that protects it. If the quality is dropping, it’s a good sign that it’s time to consider migrating. ‏

‏The stakes in the medical device industry are incredibly high. There are rigorous testing processes, and poor quality will not go undetected. Even if the poor quality is not caught in the testing processes, it will result in failure in the field, and that will risk the health of the users. ‏This won’t just set you back time- and money-wise — it will also tarnish your brand name and lower the likelihood of product success. 

‏2. Timing Issues‏

While you need a good working product that’s geared toward success, you also need things to move quickly. Part of the challenge of designing a new medical device is beating the competition to launch. If your medical device partner is slow to respond, complete tasks, or move forward in the medical device development process, then you may find yourself left behind, with your competition successfully launching a similar product before you have a chance to succeed. 

An expert medical device partner will understand the urgency behind the process and do everything in their power to help you launch your product quickly and successfully, without issue. 

3. Regulation Challenges‏

FDA approval doesn’t come easily. If your medical device partner fails to pass an FDA or third-party audit, you could find yourself starting back at square one. Regulations can be the bane of many medical device launches, causing significant delays in production and losses.

The best way to combat this is to work directly with a medical device partner who understands all the hurdles that are to overcome and can help you get through them with ease. If you’re not sure about whether your chosen team can help you achieve FDA approval, ask. 

Set Your Product up for Success

At C3 Medical Device Consulting, we know that the medical device industry can be highly lucrative. When a new device is developed successfully, it can translate into impressive profit and success. That’s why it’s so important to partner with the right team to launch your product successfully. 

Interested in working with our team? Reach out to us today to see how we can help, or request a free design audit from our team of medical device experts!

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