Overcoming The Challenge of Part Obsolescence and Stock Issues

Medical Device Part Obsolescence

Keeping your medical device development on track

Your medical device development can be going smoothly only to realize that there is a single part (or even multiple parts) that has become unavailable or obsolete by the time you are ready for production. This can cause a lot of frustration and tension as it would require a lot more work, effort, and money to bring your product to market.

As long as medical devices are being developed, innovators will have to deal with the unavailability of parts from time to time. Even though you can never quite prepare for it, you can be mindful of it. This includes finding a medical device partner that you can work with in order to create and implement a backup plan for you to keep your medical device development on track.

What Are Stock Issues?

Stock-related issues refer to the shortage or unavailability of essential parts that you may need for your medical device development or production. These issues can include when your parts are unavailable, out of stock, or when your parts become obsolete.

Either way, disruptions relating to the availability of components you need for production can put you and your company in a tight spot as it places you in a race to find alternatives that you can use for your device to bring it to market as planned.

Why Stock Issues Can Be a Big Deal

The medical device development process can be long and expensive. At the finish line, you could have even chosen a specific manufacturer and placed an order to launch your product. Having a part become suddenly obsolete or unavailable for production can throw off all your plans and delay the launch of your device, halt production, or even destroy the entire project.

As frustrating as it may be, the medical device development industry relies heavily on a supply chain that it has very little control over due to the volume of goods it requires. Global events that impact the international supply chain can have huge implications on manufactured goods across industries. This can lead to worldwide shortages in various goods that can also include essential parts that you may need for medical device development and production.

What to Do When Your Parts Are Unavailable

If you find that a part you need for your medical device is suddenly unavailable, you will need to find a suitable replacement for that part to prevent the entire project from being delayed or even scrapped. Finding a replacement part can cost you a lot, both in financial resources and time. It can also be incredibly stressful, especially since there is a possibility of gapping out supply before you have secured your solution.

If you are working with the right medical device development team, issues with part supply can slow you down, but won’t be able to stop you from bringing your medical device to market. A good medical device engineering company can help you rework the original design so that you can make your device with the latest available parts.

If you do not want to have to redesign your device, then it is a good idea to include design-for-manufacturability (DFM) and other activities to improve costs and justify the overall expenses.

Don’t Let Part Supply Issues Halt Your Medical Device Development

Most of the time, you can’t really do much about one or more of your medical device components or parts becoming obsolete or out of stock. However, you do not have to let part supply issues slow down the medical device development at your company. Being prepared can help you to navigate these supply issues with as little friction as possible.

At C3 Medical Device Consulting, we are eager and ready to help keep you on track with your medical device development. From start-ups to major international corporations, our team at C3 Medical Device Consulting is experienced and ready to help with any part supply issues you may have.Have stock issues? Reach out to C3 Medical Device Consulting to maintain your competitive edge and help get your medical device to market, contact us today!

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