Elira Case Study

Neurostimulator for Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss


Obesity has become a growing concern nationwide, with over one third of United States adults being classified obese. According to CDC data, the rate of adult obesity in the U.S is 42.4 percent. With the idea in mind that appetite suppression aids weight loss, and that neurostimulation is a reliable way to produce appetite suppression, the Elira Team knew that creating a device that could provide such stimulation from the time you wake up to going to sleep was within reach.

Elira’s medical experts envisioned a drug-free solution to create and reinforce healthy habits. They believed a discrete, convenient, and wearable device would be easy for patients to incorporate into their daily lives for appetite suppression and weight loss. But they lacked the in-house technical knowledge to bring the idea to life.


With Elira’s vision in mind, the team at C3 Medical defined a process and objectives to develop custom hardware and firmware for the wearable device. The neurostimulator electrode suppresses the wearer’s appetite and fits into a simple adhesive patch with a small but long-lived rechargeable battery.

We also developed a user-friendly app to support the device. The application allows patients to regulate neurostimulation.

Throughout the process the team worked alongside the Elira team to meet their requirements for the device. We made adjustments to the design based on their feedback and gave our suggestions as needed, drawing on our previous work on neuromodulation devices.

We also successfully navigated supply chain hold ups and the manufacturing and testing processes. By fully documenting the process, we were able to obtain FDA approval for a clinical trial of the device.


“From concept to creation to production, C3 Medical has been an asset to our team. As a startup, it is no surprise hurdles arise along the way and Craig and his team were able to successfully navigate each roadblock and provide a clear path to move forward. It was clear from day one that their team wanted nothing but success for our device, and they have more than delivered on that front.”
Raul Perez, M.D.

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